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But I’m Too Busy to Be REALLY Fit

It is funny to say, but most of my family has no real interest in fitness. Long story, but my Dad wasn’t ever into fitness, but enjoyed watching many Chicago Bears football games. Yea, we also would attend White Sox AND Cubs games (very controversial here), but we weren’t really brought up with fitness being in our blood.

So, I’ve always been a bit of the odd ball in my family. What even seemed crazier to my family was the fact that none of us are physically gifted. So athletic or physical activities never really came easy to any of us. I fell in love with fitness because I loved something that if  you worked really hard at you could reap the benefits. As many of you know that isn’t always true in life!

I tell you this because whenever my family does something fitness related they have to tell me about it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, it makes me smile quite a bit. What makes me smile the most is the fact I know it isn’t easy for them, especially my two brothers. Both are really busy at work, have kids, and well you know, have a life that demands a lot from them. Sound familiar? 

So, when something doesn’t come to you naturally, you are busy, and stressed like most human beings, those things you don’t typically like fall through the cracks. However, I am proud of them as slowly they are making fitness a priority, not because they want to walk the beach with impressive physiques, but they want to be better dads. They are great to their kids, but you know what they want, what most parents do. More energy, a greater ability to things with them, all the stuff great parents want to do for their kids. 

Of course the biggest challenge is time! My older brother is a Fedex truck driver and has been for around 20 years! He loves it, but it is early days, long hours many times, and a lot of physical work. Squeezing a workout isn’t easy, but you can imagine my delight (also that he had to go to his younger brother;) that he and his wife have started using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. 

You might think going to your family for such a thing isn’t such a big deal, but for anyone that has tried to give advice to a family about ANYTHING knows the challenge it can become. Especially if it is your younger brother:) 

What HE loves is that he and his wife can use the program and they can use it differently. They can do it at home and it doesn’t take a long time. MAN, doesn’t that sound like EVERY infomercial you ever heard? I don’t blame you if you just shook your head, I think I did just sharing that with you:) 

The good thing is that it is true. It was especially funny when he sent me this picture from a post by actor, Hugh Jackman. The pic had the description…”parking lot empty on New Year’s day”. It was amusing since New Year’s resolutions are so big and most think that means going to hit the gym. My brother realized all he had to do was stay on track using his DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training programs three days a week. 


Hugh Jackman showing those resolutions hadn’t quite kicked in yet!


That is definitely the key for anyone who has a real life. Be consistent over trying to be obsessive. As a coach I would get the New Year’s crowd and you wanted to help them fulfill their resolutions of health and fitness, but right off the bat you knew they were doomed for failure. Why? Because they weren’t looking for realistic and consistent, they wanted over the top and the “ideal”. If I could share anything with people like this, is that consistency always trumps the cool sounding, but impractical program. 

I share this story with you because one of the things I am most proud of with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that it gives a real life solution for the most common issues people say they have with fitness program. 


They are too long


They are too boring


They are too hard


I can’t make it to the gym

For those that LOVE working out these wouldn’t seem like issues, but if I am being honest, I have seen many fitness professionals fall victim to the same concerns. That is why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exceeded my expectations, because people made it work for themselves. I never thought about it initially being a program people would do anywhere, any time, and get BETTER results than they saw going to the gym. 


DVRT Master, Annmarie Licaste, knows that optimal fitness means flexibility too!

That is why I am proud of my brothers and all those that take the BIG action step to make a difference in their lives. Maybe not for the washboard six packs, but because they want to live even better! I hope you enjoy DVRT Master, James Newman’s workout that shows you how busy people can get amazing training in, James knows a thing or two about being busy. Facility owner, dad, husband, he has many hats as you probably do, but he knows how to be SMART with his training! 


Sometimes being a “superhero” is the little things you do for the important people in your life! Thanks for being a real superhero James!



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