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Innovative Solutions To Overcome REAL Fitness Obstacles

sandbag exercise equipment

I hope you checked out our part 1 interview with Coach Faith Martin (you can check it out HERE if you missed it). If you didn’t get a chance to listen to part 1, Faith has an amazing background as a coach for the US Marine High Intensity Tactical Training program, trained in Olympic lifting, kettlebells, DVRT, and more! What makes Faith so unique is not only this background, but also working using yoga and mindfulness to help with trauma with many soldiers and every day people that have experienced some intense things in their lives.

fitness obstacles

I wanted to have Faith join us again to discuss some really practical ways of helping many of the those of us trying to encourage using fitness in our lives be more successful in helping others. What some may seem as “excuses” are really much bigger obstacles that we give credit for. Don’t just check out the video below, I also share some examples of how to make these ideas practical in a fitness setting below our interview with Faith.

If you really want to help those in your family, friends, or clients (heck, even yourself), I hope you will make time to watch or listen to today’s interview.

You can check out more from Faith HERE

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Listen to the interview HERE