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No Crunches Ab Workout | Ultimate Sandbag Training

No Crunches Ab Workout | Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Thankfully it is changing, people are beginning to realize that doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches isn’t the key to get better looking and working abs. 

Part of the key is to understand great abs are a function of two things…

1.Exercises that stimulate a lot of muscles to raise the body’s metabolism.

2. Drills that challenge the trunk in a variety of ways.

Let’s look at how we can accomplish both in the scope of a power packed DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout. Now with all the “ab devices” out there, why use the Ultimate Sandbag? We can stress the body in more ways than any other strength training tool and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises burn more calories than the same exercises with different tools. 

                            Strength Coach, Vince McConnell, shows what smart training can result in!

To make this easy to see and start a foundation we are going to look at using the plank in many different ways. Since the plank is seen as the foundation to smarter ab training, let’s see how we can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises to progress the plank to make it way better!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Ab Circuit Workout

Clean and Press: One of the reasons the Clean and Press is one of our top DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises is because of the three ways we hit the core in a smarter way! When we set-up in the Clean and Press, we can see a plank, receiving the Ultimate Sandbag in the rack position is a plank, and pressing the Ultimate Sandbag overhead is like an extended plank. 

1 1/4 Front Loaded Squat: I’ve written a lot on the Front Loaded Squat being one of the best squats we can use because it is a squat with a plank. In order to maximize the plank side of the exercise we can extend the time under tension 

Rear Step Rows: One of the most difficult aspects of doing a Bent-over Row correctly is holding the right position for time. Yea, you know it, a plank! However, with the weight moving up and down this changes the stress on the core during the exercise. Put ourselves in the Rear Step position and it provides another challenge to good core strength. 

Kneeling Press Outs: This has become one of our favorite drills because you can’t help but feel it! More importantly, it also teaches you how to connect the lower body, to the trunk, to the upper body. Something very important as you move through the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions. 

Rotational Lunges: You KNEW it had to be coming! The cross patterning, the unique movement of the weight, just the general awesomeness of this exercise checks off every aspect of making a great core exercise.