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The Most Important But Overlooked Lifting Technique

ultimate sandbag workout equipment

In almost 20 years of teaching DVRT, there are some issues that come up pretty much EVERY time. Funny enough, it isn’t a question people have because they don’t often know they NEED to understand this concept of Ultimate Sandbag Training as one of the MOST foundational lifting techniques in our system. It is SO important it can COMPLETELY change the outcome of the exercise and workouts we use.

What is it?

If you are disappointed to hear this absolutely essential lifting technique is how we grip the Ultimate Sandbag, don’t be, it is probably the ONE thing I wish people would get more when using our system. Understanding how we grip the Ultimate Sandbag can be a lifting technique that makes us REALLY strong and move better to making a lift feel awkward, lose stability, and even feel our low back more you can see why it is so vitally important.

lifting technique

I get it, most people want to grab a piece of strength training equipment and just go to work. However, the issue of gripping and how that impacts our lifting technique is NOT unique to DVRT and how we use the Ultimate Sandbag. Every program that I have taken that has involved a training tools (kettlebells, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, suspension training, and even bodyweight exercises) has emphasized grip as an important aspect.

That is because our grip is highly connected with our entire body. If we look at the the arm lines of fascia we see a strong connection of our grip to our shoulders, upper body, and even core. So, this isn’t just a matter of using a lifting technique to lift more weight, but to actually use the body better. A great example comes from Coach Cory Cripe in understanding how to use the handles we use most, our neutral grip handles, to engage our lats, core, and stabilize our spine better in many of our movements.

shoulder exercises

You can see why the Ultimate Sandbag is used differently in our grip depending upon what we are trying to achieve. However, the BIGGEST two issues are people allowing the handles to roll forward or using the wrong handles during a lift. These are both issues in lifting technique that can alter how we perform during our exercises.

Physical therapist, Jessica Bento, shows how we have to consider how we use the handles and gripping on the Ultimate Sandbag depending upon what position we assume during an exercise. The lifting technique makes this awesome core exercises, or unnecessary stress on the shoulders. The point being understanding these relatively simple concepts of proper lifting technique during our DVRT exercises is a big part in how we create the “magic” in our workouts and exercises.

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