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Unleashing Superhero Strength and Movement

Coiled: Sabertooth and the Science of Relentless Power-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training


Troy Anderson, DVRT Master Chief Instructor

I’m not much of a comic or graphic
novel guy, who new there was a

But I have seen a few the more popular
movie versions and there was one
character that really stuck in my head.


He’s pretty blunt force trauma
and generally unlikable character

<< Maybe that’s why I like him >>

A real picture of power and athleticism;
especially in some of the epic battles that
he gets in.

Sabertooth has the innate mutant gift
to coil up and launch into and win a battle.

While we might not have the gifts that
good ‘ol Sabertooth does; we do have
two other very distinct gifts we can
put to work:

1) The Science of DVRT to help build
that ‘coiled’ sabertooth-like core that
is a platform for pure power

2) The Choice to apply that science
in our attempt to be a ‘ a better human’

A resilient and relentless human

It just so happens that this is the
essence of what DVRT IS.

Abig part the DVRT system the deep
X-patterns and complex sling systems.

We access those sciency things
with foundational movements; that
create a coiled and powerful core
that is ready strike at any moment.

As someone that loves the ‘lab’ that is
DVRT I love to experiment to and
see if there is a way to default to

Today we start with a DVRT classic
the Lateral Bag Drag.

Typically we use the the lighter USB’s
(core or power) for this movement.

Today we are going to use an ‘uploaded’
Strength USB, preferrably loaded in
the 50-70lb range.

In this instance the bag will move mere
inches, if at all in comparison to previous
versions you’ve seen and used.

The intent here is to create that ‘coiled’
time under tension effect by properly
‘loading’ the x-pattern and sling systems

In the second drill we are going to go
back to Core or Power USB for a
variation on the classic Lateral
Bag Drag.

The difference here is instead of the
bag just moving in the frontal plane

<< a key tenet of DVRT, the bag sometimes
moves in different plane than the body>>

We’ll actually be moving in a x-pattern
from the prone body position.

The effect of this is a much more complex
movement in combination with even more
time under tension/tut.

So lets put the pieces together with

The Sabertooh Coiled Core Workout:

Alt Coiled Lateral Bag Drag: 4 x 1 min Work interval
Bear Hug Squat Jump: 4 x 30 sec Work Interval

ultimate sandbag training

X-Man Lateral Bag Drag x (ladder up) 2-3 x 2,4, 6, 8
Rotational Lunge w/Hi-Pull x 2-3 x 10/10, 8/8, 6/6, 4/4

You’ll probably never need to launch
into an epic mutant battle, like old Sabertooth

That said we should be able to go,
all sytems GO!

At a moments notice you should be
COILED and ready for action, from ANY

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