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Real Fitness Knowledge Bombs

  Last weekend I had the honor and privilege of assisting Josh Henkin and Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner at the DVRT Level I and II Certification Combo at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. It was a great experience […]

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12 Minutes of Fitness

12 Minutes of Fitness: DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Does fitness always have to be complicated? I know, sometimes it may sound like DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a lot harder than it has to be. In all honesty though, once […]

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Getting Stronger Without Knowing It!

Find Out the Program the Top Fitness Pros Have Made DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training a Staple HERE Getting Stronger Without Knowing It: DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training by  Shauna Sevon, DVRT Master Instructor It’s been my experience with DVRT and Ultimate […]

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Dynamic Strength with Ultimate Sandbag Training & Kettlebells

Don’t Miss Giving Your Fitness the Edge! Attend One of Our Game Changing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Education Programs HERE Dynamic Strength with Ultimate Sandbag Training & Kettlebells   I am always just so excited by the number of different […]

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