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Core Strength Beyond the Plank

If you don’t think core strength training is really important then you are probably one of the VERY few that has never had low back problems or continues to make progress in their training without any aches and pains. You […]

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Never Hurt Your Back Exercises!

How DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Exercises Save Your Low Back! I have to tell you, I kinda laughed yesterday. It wasn’t a laugh because something was funny, but it was so frustrating that I had to laugh! Have you ever […]

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Training for Life DVRT Sled Training

Whenever you do something unexpected it can definitely raise some eyebrows and even more so, bring up A LOT of questions! To be honest, I knew when we released the new ARES sled that were going to really do both. […]

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Power Packed Kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag Training Circuit

Sandbag Training and Kettlebell Power Workout It isn’t a secret, in fact, I would venture to say that MOST in today’s fitness landscape use this method. Of course it makes sense for most, especially that are using more and more […]

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The Best Sandbag Exercise You Aren’t Doing!

There are just THOSE exercises, the ones you keep coming back to for no other reason they work so well! Okay, there are reasons because when someone says something “works” I want to know what they mean! Works for what? […]

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