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The Key Health Shoulders & Low Back with Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

You will rarely hear me do it, that is say you GOTTA do THIS! Sure, with our Ultimate Sandbag exercises I have a lot of great ideas, but rarely do I think someone HAS to do anything specific. That is […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts The Best of Corrective Exercise

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT Restoration & DVRT Pelvic Control) I’m not envious of the modern fitness professional. I remember being a kid and my mom (who had no background) teaching aerobics classes at the local gym. For […]

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The NEW Squat Kings?

It is everyone’s default, short on time? Don’t have a lot of equipment? Want to lose weight, gain muscle, improving conditioning? Then just do it!!! SQUAT! Easy enough advice right? Good blog, alright talk to you later. Nah, just kidding! […]

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Better Kettlebell Swings & Get-ups

For the past several years I have begun each one of our DVRT education programs the same way…. “My goal is not to get you good at Ultimate Sandbag Training so you are great at “sandbags”, but so you can […]

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The REAL Way Core Training Works!

  I think it would be very hard to find a fitness professional that would admit their training doesn’t make you better out of the gym as much as it makes you good IN the gym. That is largely because […]

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Going Beyond Olympic Lifting

One of the reasons I really love writing our DVRT blogs is because I love sharing my experiences with all of you. In all honesty, one of my big motivations in writing these blogs is sharing my mistakes, things I […]

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