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The Problem with Flows & Complexes

People often mistake when I say something could be better as I don’t like it. We tend to get so excited about something new or different in fitness, we often lose perspective upon the real value of what we are […]

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Should We Train Like An Athlete

  When you have been in an industry for a long time (man can’t believe I am getting close to saying 25 years in fitness, that makes me feel REALLY old!) you see so many things cycle. Like when I […]

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Creating Smarter Training Programs Part 2

  Hopefully after my first blog about programming (you can read it HERE) you are looking at programming not as a chore, but something to genuinely get excited about getting better at and using more so. After all, it is […]

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Building Better Mobility for Squats

  If you guys liked our discussion of how we build smarter workouts that we posted HERE yesterday, don’t worry, I’ll continue to build off that tomorrow, but thought some of your brains could use a break. Plus, we want […]

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Programming Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

  Trust me when you do anything for almost 15 years it can sometimes feel like a long time. It can be especially hard when you are talking about fitness. Something we always try to do with Ultimate Sandbag workouts […]

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