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Solving Shoulder Pain with Functional Fitness

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist When we released L.I.F.T. (loaded integrated functional training certification) this week we were most excited to provide information that would allow people to understand how to fix common fitness issues quickly. Let’s face it, injury will […]

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How L.I.F.T. is Changing Functional Training Forever!

Yesterday was the release of our new L.I.F.T. (loaded integrated functional training) certification. We knew that it would be exciting but we have been overwhelmed with how much! With that, we also knew there would be some confusion with L.I.F.T., […]

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New L.I.F.T. Certification Is HERE!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist, DVRT Education Director Page 1 of 365….I saw this meme on New Year’s day , I had to stop and pause for a second… there is something about a new year that brings the ability to start fresh, set goals, and make […]

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