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Bands, Bags, & Better Muscle Building Workouts

When times are tough you start to look more critically at what you really need in life. There are a lot of metaphors for life lessons that happen in the gym and vice versa. This one, in particular, is really […]

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3 Powerful Total Body Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere

Something we are really wanting to help people in seeing is how easy it is to use our DVRT system to give great total body workouts. Those that are effective, challenging, fun, and purposeful. When you use many of our […]

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How Rotational Training Makes Your Workouts Better

As popular as the idea of functional training is, most still fail to make their training truly “functional”. Why? Because they still fail to include proper development of all 7 movement patterns (squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotation, and […]

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Why Mobility Training Doesn’t Work!

When I say that mobility training doesn’t work, what I mean is how people think and perform their mobility training. Many times in fitness or performance training we start with the answer before we ask the right questions. For example, […]

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Building Super Real World Strength

Even though things have been so different this year for all of us, one of the cool things that I was still able to do was present at several national virtual conferences. Being able to teach and share is something […]

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