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Why This Kettlebell Swing Course Is Powerful

kettlebell training

I have often told the story, 2002 was probably my most important year in the fitness industry. That was because while going through an internship, my coach told me to check out this “kettlebell thing.” Trusting he knew what was important, I went online and looked up this new tool. To be honest, at first glance I didn’t get it!

Much of what I saw at the time I thought, “I can just do that with a dumbbell!” However, upon the urging of my coach, I invested in a few kettlebells and a VHS tape (yea, you read that right, VHS!). Quickly I learned kettlebells were something not just different, but incredibly valuable. Not only did they allow me to teach more complex training ideas more simply, they expanded training beyond anything I had seen up to that time.

Of all the drills shown, I like many, was captivated by what the kettlebell swing could offer. I wasn’t unfamiliar to power training with my strength and conditioning background, but the swing was different. The concepts of not just power, but reflexive stability, the ideas of movement the swing could teach, and the conditioning we could build made the swing seem like almost a perfect exercise (especially because it would target an area of the body that was typically neglected in most programs back then).

kettlebell swing

Seeing the immense value of the swing and kettlebell training overall, I attended my first kettlebell certification back in 2003 (one of the first ever offered!). It was then that I became even more impressed that kettlebells didn’t just teach new exercises, but allowed us to teach movement concepts that were often overlooked and would allow people to become so much more successful in their training.

kettlebell certification

Going back home I wanted to teach everyone the skills I had learned. Much was applicable, but I also realized some issues quickly. While I had gone to this program to learn how to properly use and teach kettlebells, my clients weren’t there for that reason. They had other goals that weren’t related to the kettlebell.

I quickly learned that if I wanted to use the kettlebell with people that I had to streamline how to best teach, problem solve, and program. Accepting this challenge allowed me to not only deliver better training to my clients, but begin to teach kettlebells around the world, to the U.S. military, Division I strength & conditioning programs, and clinicians. Seeing the success that our ideas held for people, it made sense to start offering information in forums that could reach even more!

kettlebell training

As I worked with more and more fitness professionals and strength coaches that either wanted to learn kettlebells, or solve their issues with kettlebell training, it became clear we had something that could help so many!

We have been showing how kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags work with one another for years!

That is why several years ago we came out with our Progressive Kettlebell Movement online certification that greatly rethought how we taught and what we could achieve with kettlebells (you can check out HERE). However, we also know that not everyone is ready to go into that level of depth of coaching and performance of kettlebells right off the bat. Seeing that the swing is not only one of the most powerful and popular kettlebell drills, but also misunderstood, we thought a comprehensive course on the swing would be of huge benefit to lifters and coaches alike!

kettlebell swing

This 6 module course is designed to help people learn, problem solve, and implement the kettlebell swing as easily as possible. Realizing the swing wasn’t created to be complicated, but rather useful and versatile, we designed this course to do the same. From step by step easy to learn techniques, cues, to screens that help identify potential pitfalls, proper progressions that help achieve more with the swing, and programming, this course has it all! We hope no matter if you have always wanted to learn the kettlebell swing at a high level or want to solve many of the common issues in swing training that this course will be the solution you are looking for in your training.

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